its not always about the talent or the skill,

to some its luck, relationships, networks and to others its timing and that thing we cannot put a finger on (divine intervention) … probably

“Psychologists call it the 90-10 principle. Ten percent of life is what happens to you, and 90 percent is decided by how you react to it. We have no control over what happens to us—high winds rip the roof off, your train is delayed, or a meteorite lands on your car. The 90 percent, however, is up to you.” (Rod Judkins)

we live in a strange world, live a life without a manual or rewind button, your mistakes are your best advisors.

some started and got the breakthrough others are still looking. I read Papa Kwesi Nduom’s story in the Forbes magazine and its really amazing how he got his break in the “washroom”.

i have seen seen people play from the dirtiest fields to the greatest fields of the world, i have also seen others grey on the same dirty field. such is life, 

the only element you have control over is the ability to keep fighting till you see that light.

just don’t give up, don’t be like the proverbial miner who couldn’t dig for gold because he got fed up. Don’t be fed up, and don’t look back, theres a reason you started and you must achieve that.

your destination is forward and that should be your direction.

isn’t it interesting that before we see day light we have to go through darkness? have you thought about that?

Greatness is never achieved in a comfort zone, it takes a lot of hard work, strategy, vision, focus, and the zeal to ignore the world for the goal.

it doesn’t matter how you started and how people see you, that is their problem, your success should be your problem too. remember there will never be a better time to start, you would always wish you had started earlier, that could be today. small starters end great.

“During the 1920s, brothers Adolf and Rudolf created the Dassler Brothers Sports Shoe Company, a business based in their mother’s laundry room in Herzogenaurach, Germany. By 1948 they had split the company into separate firms, with each of them running one of two competing factories on opposite sides of town. Their equal determination to produce the better sneaker led them to be world leaders in their field: Adolf’s company was Adidas, and Rudolf’s was Puma. Herzogenaurach became known as “the town of bent necks” because residents were constantly checking to see which of the two brands their neighbors were wearing.”

Keep Fighting!!!

Being successful is probably one of the most important goals in life, it’s the reason we wake up and grind. The past two years have been crazily tough. I’ve had most difficult tests of my entire life and I believe there’s more to come (I’m ready for whatever now). I’ve learned and endured so much in these few years than any MBA would teach in a class; as mine wasn’t perfunctory.

I survived with the help of my awesome family and some great friends like Lucy Quist, Makiyu Sulley, Andrew Oppong, Steve Sacco, Russel Thomas, the British Council Ghana, Netherlands Embassy Ghana, Innohub, GCIC, E4impact etc. whom from afar saw the potential in what we were doing and threw in support. we are very grateful and appreciate your endless support and patience especially for a stubborn me. 🙂

I am always reminded of this scene in the movie “count of monte Cristo” where the young Albert Mondego when accosted by a group of thugs; looked straight in their eyes and blurted “you have had your last laughs, Do Your Worse”.

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It all started with some low-tech productions, very poor direction and “amateur”actors, but it never missed its message. Their modus of storytelling was quite unique; typical Ghanaian cultural setting mixed up with comedy and happy endings. Like something borrowed from the popular concert party. An upgraded version of it I mean. With a few protagonists in the center, one could easily identify them by their (BTL) style of marketing. Just like the beginning of any venture, these guys probably didn’thave the budgets or resources to back their new-found Kumawood.

The blaring phrase “Paaaaarrrrt waaaaan and twoooo”was loud enough to stick in your memory for days. Kwame dzokoto’s voice will greet you in every street corner of town with loud speakers atop kia trucks, mini vans and at movies houses.

Our streets got flooded with photo-shopped posters of their latest productions, with titles very difficult to ignore, Agya Koo Bank Manager, Asore Ba, Sika Duro ….

“Kumawood”was more than just another Ghana movie industry, it was a huge economic asset for us, it birthed the careers of new actors, directors and motion graphics designers who did amazing animations.

Bisa K’dei’s name easily rings as a huge beneficiary of this industry. Kumawood served Ghana, it inspired other local productions from Tamale, Wa, the Fanteland and the Volta region. You can imagine where we were headed. Our brothers in abrokyire had something to kill time with. Our local transport industry premired new productions, a strategy I can admit really worked efficiently. These guys brought joy into our homes, they shared real life stories with real life lessons, kumawood gave life to homes in this country.

So, what happened?

The American Industrialist and philanthropistAndrew Carnegie, once said “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” We have seen how many lives changed from the concert party days to kumawood, however; we forgot that “Talent wins games, but team work always won championships (Michael Jordan) we forgot that “None of us is as smart as all of us”

The typical Ghanaian PHD took the better part of kumawood, the players kept hitting at each other, they shared bitter secrets of each other, peddled falsehood and alleged very serious scandals amongst themselves.

Directors were accused of exploiting actresses and actors would “back bite”each other for roles. I guess this is a perfect reflection of who we really are.

Once again, we succeeded in Killing another success story. the sad thing is, no one considered the years it took for this change to happen and the impact it had in our own lives.

We ignored the huge potential and eventual benefits we could benefit from Kumawood, yet we collectively contributed to the death of the local movie industry. we supported media/ social media, lazy bloggers hungry for clicksand industry players to drain each other of our creative energies.

Each and every problem in Ghana is politicized for some personal or party gains. Many of our politicians are “Men of mess”who always playthe chess game in all issues. sadly; the Media is always with them.

It is therefore a consequence of responsible citizenry that those who stand to benefit must enable those behind to come together to the benefit of the country. None of us cherish being dependent on the generosity of others. What is required, and urgently so, are partnerships with corporates playing a stewardship role in driving commercially viable productions that integrate the expertise of big players and the witty and comic kumawood actors in particular for a greater Ghana film Industry, we saw the industry generating a lot of buzz and attracting loads of attention, I clearly remember the popular Lil Win (MTN) commercial and giant bill boards all over the country, Nana Ama McbBrown covered magazines and the likes of Mercy Asiedu, Akrobeto and Kyeiwaa from the old concert party regime receive new followings and wealth. What’smore than that?

The overarching drive is collaboration between players not just telling stories but also selling the country to the rest of the world. I don’twant to delve into how much Nollywood and Hollywood was pushing into their respective economies but we all know the potential for tourism.

Now kumawood has lost its place just like the Kumasi music industry, which used to be the powerhouse of the hip life generation. All of these represents the general Ghanaian community at large, This is what we do to ourselves and our businesses, always looking for faults instead of building up. Always looking into the sources of people’ssuccesses but have no respect for the poor. Martin Luther King Jnr puts it right: its either we stay together as brothers or perish together as fools. We have one Ghana, let’sbuild it together.

Nothing beats a united front, what hurts most is being a neutralist in a time when we are all needed to heed to that call of building a country. it might be kumawood today, but can you guess who or what’snext?


I have for a long time wanted to have a place to share my thoughts with the world in a very open and transparent way. I have decided after several delays to start this personal blog where I can share my experiences with the World

I promise this will be a no holds barred, non adulterated home of everything I go through as a person trying to live a better life. this blog will not be limited to business experiences.

this will be like an X ray into my life, both personal and public. Challenges and and successes. I would also be sharing with the world some other stories from close pals and acquaintances (with their permission)

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