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Journey to the unknown

Being successful is probably one of the most important goals in life, it’s the reason we wake up and grind. The past two years have been crazily tough. I’ve had most difficult tests of my entire life and I believe there’s more to come (I’m ready for whatever now). I’ve learned and endured so much in these […]


It all started with some low-tech productions, very poor direction and “amateur”actors, but it never missed its message. Their modus of storytelling was quite unique; typical Ghanaian cultural setting mixed up with comedy and happy endings. Like something borrowed from the popular concert party. An upgraded version of it I mean. With a few protagonists […]

A new beginning

I have for a long time wanted to have a place to share my thoughts with the world in a very open and transparent way. I have decided after several delays to start this personal blog where I can share my experiences with the World I promise this will be a no holds barred, non […]