I have for a long time wanted to have a place to share my thoughts with the world in a very open and transparent way. I have decided after several delays to start this personal blog where I can share my experiences with the World

I promise this will be a no holds barred, non adulterated home of everything I go through as a person trying to live a better life. this blog will not be limited to business experiences.

this will be like an X ray into my life, both personal and public. Challenges and and successes. I would also be sharing with the world some other stories from close pals and acquaintances (with their permission)

This will not a platform to justify my wrongs and failures, but provide an introspection of all these experiences and how I cope with them.

this blog will cover a wide range of topics, not limited to any specific area or topic

  • life
  • business
  • relationship
  • experiences
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